Design develops not only from inspiration but also from thoughtful attentiveness to distinct aspects of aesthetics. It is a blending of the intuitive with the rational. Design unites how spaces work with how they feel. Here are six basic components that each contribute significantly to the success of the design

Beauty:  A structure is transformed from merely functional into something delightful to the eyes by artistically composing specific elements with attention to scale, proportion, and alignment.

Form: Clearly articulated volumes, instead of just creating internal and external spaces, address the building’s function while creating dramatic and evocative structures.

Rhythm: The spacing, repetition, and interplay of elements enrich and deepen otherwise simple components.

Light:  From dawn until dusk, light continually changes the colors and moods within a space. We harness that light to energize the character of each space. After the sun goes down, thoughtfully composed lighting creates a whole new series of moods, both inside and outside, expanding the appreciation of your home.

Place: We pay careful attention to the relationship of the house to the site and the relationship of the interior to the exterior. For homes, this involves providing places of refuge as well as places of prospect: your vantage place to oversee your world.

Materials: Rich materials, honestly expressed and artistically joined, become more than just basic elements of construction; they are the means through which beauty, form, light, rhythm, and place are expressed.

Gelotte Hommas Architecture

Lakefront Gothic Gate
Gelotte Hommas Design using placement
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custom wine room